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Real Struggles Only People Who Wear Contact Lenses Can Understand

Real Struggles Only People Who Wear Contact Lenses Can Understand

The people who wears the spectacles never know the real pain of wearing contact lenses.. Its

very tiny and fashionable accessory.. Hard to wear.. Its very tough to carry..

The people who wear the contact lens never use to wear any other thing the situation is sort of

can’t live with, can’t live without case. The people who wear the glasses use the contact lens to

improve their vision..

When you loose the one lens you feel end is near

Its very sad and the moment is about to die whenever you loose your one lens.. Because its

transparent and hard to find out the lens. If you loose one then another one is just waste because

you cant drive with one eye, or do the work with one eye. As we know the pair of contact lens is

costly. Once you loose one you have to spend the money to buy a pair before you get blind.. The

problem is that addiction of using the contact lens is very bad, because people should not

comfortable with glasses after that..

You cant go with the flaw and sleepover

Whenever you ready for the party you cant wear the glasses.. The smoky makeup is looking hot

with the contact lens.. Your eyes get visible and looking hot with smoky makeup.. But suddenly

you plan out to stay at friend’s home for night .. Then its very hard to sleep with lens. You have

only one option to wake up whole night.. Else your eyes get stretched.. You have to another

option just carry your lens case along with you while you go to party.. Carry the case in your


Your eyes are in tears more often you think

Because of the contact lens your eyes get more sensitive and more prone to dryness.. It means

your eyes will be on more tears in windy days, and even in the frizzy days.. Its not only the wind

who creates more tears , but its one of the major problem..

You cant watch tv without glasses before sleep

Many people think that contact lens wearer don’t need to wear glasses.. They can watch tv

clearly.. But its wrong they need it more.. Because after take off of lens they need to wear glasses

to watch the tv..

You often feel like to cinderella

Are. You remember how cinderella back to home at midnight… As we know the same how long

we can wear the contact lens.. Before it start itching or burning sensation remove the lens.. You

cant wear the contact lens 24/7..

The struggle of taking out your lens

This one is the most amazing feeling for the one who wear the coloured lens.. They can hide their

original eye colour and look more attractive with the different eye colour.. here are multiple types

of coloured lenses – visibility lenses, which only have a slight coloration to help you manoeuvre

them easier; enhancement lenses, which enhance your natural eye colour, and opaque lenses

which completely hide your eye colour and replace it with the colour of the lenses – so depending

on which one you wear, your friends/partner might have a shock when the lenses come off.

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